Jaclynn Thoms
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Jaclynn Thoms

Associate Stylist

When did you start with Xiphium? January 2018

Education: Aveda Institute, Des Moines

Hometown/ Places lived: I'm from Iowa :)

Why I decided to become a stylist/colorist: I want to make people feel truly appreciated. I think everyone has some sort of magic in them and I have the privilege of enhancing it.

What I want every client to know about me: I am here for you!! It is just an added bonus that I love doing what I do!

What is your specialty? I could honestly cut hair all day!! I love to see how little changes can make such a difference!

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by? "The universe tends to give us what we need, when we need it. Maybe just not always when we want it."

Who is your professional role model? Whose career woul dyou like yours to emulate? Not necessarily one, but many. I appreciate the rawness and honesty of your career path. It is the ones who are truly fulfilled with their passion that I want to emulate.

Describe your favorite food. If you know me, you must know.....I love potatoes!!

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Followed my dreams!!

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