NOTE: the below information will continue to be in effect until further notice.

Below are the details about the new processes we’ve implemented in order to conduct business in the safest way possible according to guidelines set from our State Board of Cosmetology and the JOCO health advisory/CDC. There are many new safety and sanitation initiatives that we have implemented, but we will only share the most important ones that will impact the way we will service our clients. Please carefully review this information, as it will make your visit a much smoother and safer experience.

Our current “New Normal”:

Social Distancing

  • As of 9/28/2020 we are removing our travel restriction. We still ask all guests to please be mindful and considerate of our small salon family if you have been alerted of potential exposure to COVID-19 after attending a gathering of any size. If you have been exposed and advised to quarantine, we ask that you reschedule your appointment.
  • We will be limiting/adjusting the hours that we will be servicing guests to abide by the crowd control and management of cleaning and disinfecting in between appointments. This may or may not impact your existing appointment.
  • We will maintain the 6 feet separation that is still required in JOCO as well as abiding by the amount of people allowed in building.
  • Clients cannot bring other people along with them to the appointment. This includes children.
  • If  you or anyone around you are having any flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, headache, etc), please refrain from coming into the salon.
  • We will be checking temperatures of all guests and employees upon entry.
  • There will be no waiting for appointments in the salon. All clients will need to wait outside or in their cars until we are ready for you to enter. Our doors will remain locked to avoid walk-ins for services and retail purchases.
  • Touch-less greetings and goodbyes: we unfortunately will not be hugging, shaking hands, giving fist bumps, etc. This part makes us kind of sad but, we’ll make up for it some day!
  • Our team will be wearing masks and the service providers will also be wearing shields.
  • All clients will be required to wear a mask to the salon. No one will be allowed in without one. If you show up without one, we will supply you one for a minimum fee while supplies last. If we run out of masks and you show up without one, you will need to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Appointments and Services

  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time and either wait in your car or outside if you choose. Let us know that you have arrived by calling from outside. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will need to reschedule your appointment. We must adhere to strict guidelines to control the amount of people we have in our space at a time and cannot risk backups at this time. There will be no exceptions made at this time.
  • When entering the salon, you will be asked to wash and disinfect your hands before you sit down for your service. We will have one bathroom on the north side of the salon dedicated just for hand washing and the bar sink on the south side of the salon.
  • We will maintain as much “touch-less” as much as possible which will include the following:
  • Limited Changing Room for hair color clients only: Hair color clients will be handed a clean smock and a bag to store their personal items and clothing.
    Nothing is to be left in the changing rooms.
  • Clients coming in for haircuts will not need to change. They will be draped with a cutting cape and will also be handed a bag to use to place personal items in, before placed or hung at a station.
  • No beverages served and no refills of any water bottle entering in with guests.
  • Guests are asked not to handle the retail products off the shelves. Let us know what you need and we will bag them up for you.
  • We ask that major cut and color changes be postponed for now, because we are a bit more limited currently. Remember you are beautiful just as you are!
  • We are happy to clean up your current color and style, while helping you plan for an exciting change at a hopefully less limited future appointment.
  • We have begun offering facial services again, but without the use of steam.
  • We are able to take appointments for children’s services, but as we are still limiting the number of people in the salon, they must be old enough to be unaccompanied.

Again, these are the most important points we need all of you to be aware of.

We understand that you may have more questions or concerns after reading this, and we will be happy to answer them…just call us. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for supporting your Xiphium Team as we try to get re-started with what we love to do: The Art of Hair, Fashion and Lifestyle.

Yours In Service,

Vilma Subel