Megan Clevenger
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Megan Clevenger


When did you start with Xiphium? October 2015

Education: Z Hair Academy, Lawrence, KS February 2007

Previous job(s): Senior stylist at 19th Street Salon and Spa, Topeka, KS

Hometown/ Places lived: Hometown Topeka, KS. Lived in Harveyville, KS for 2 years during high school then back to Topeka before moving to Kansas City in May 2015.

Why I decided to become a stylist: My mom did hair when I was growing up so it was always around and in my mind. I went to school for a couple of other things but eventually decided doing hair is what I wanted. I love to make people feel great and give them new confidence.
My favorite thing about my work: Making people smile and hair color. I love to do color!

What is your specialty? Color. Anything from natural highlights to fun fashion colors. I love it all!

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Reality TV. I can't even elaborate because I feel so guilty about it!! :)

If you could choose another career, what would it be? Interior Design. I love decorating a new house! Getting it all put together just the way I like it always makes me feel great and really makes it feel like home. I love choosing paint colors and decor. Doing that for someone else sounds like fun too!

Who is your dream client? Jessica Biel. I have always loved her hair and I'd love to see it up close and personal. She also seems like a really cool person so I would love to talk to her about life, love, and babies! :)

If you were going to be on a reality show, which would you choose? Big Brother. A few years ago, they came to Washburn University in Topeka to do auditions. I filled out all of the forms, which was basically my whole life history and was set on submitting it, but chickened out. I don't think they would have picked me anyway, but I have always regretted not trying. I am not even sure that I would be good at the competitions, but the concept has always intrigued me.

Describe the worst hair phase you have been through. I had a perm once...It was awful!! Frizzy and hard to manage. I also had a haircut that was super short and layered up the back when I was younger. It was before flat irons and I have natural wave in my hair. I hated that my hair was curly in the back. Now that I know how to style my hair it would probably be really cute!

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? I am not that adventerous. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to that stuff although on my honeymoon, my husband and I zip-lined through a forest. The zip lines were no joke. Some of them went straight down and some of the longer zip lines broke through the trees and the views of the ocean were awesome. I was terrified, but it was so worth it!!

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by? "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain". I really try to make the best of every situation. Life isn't always easy, but I try to learn from every situation and become a better person because of it.






















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