Christina Rice
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Christina Rice

Color Director/Stylist/Hair Color Specialist

When did you start with Xiphium? April 2005

Education: American Academy of Hair Design, advanced color and cut classes Aveda Advanced Academy NYC, Seasonal Color updates as an Aveda professional

Previous job(s): retail management, job with document imaging that took me to NYC, Denver, Chicago for extended time

Awards won: As an Aveda Hair Color Purefessional I travel nationally and teach hair color for Aveda. I received the Gandhi award at Xiphium for being a giving leader/teacher.

Hometown/ Places lived: Kansas City, KS; Lawrence, KS; spent short times in Denver, Chicago and NYC

Why I decided to become a stylist/colorist: I love self-expression through hair, especially color. You can change yourself and the perception of yourself as often as you like. Everyone's hair is different and beautiful in its own way. I love to help people find the best version of themselves and their hair!

My favorite thing about my work: I love the social aspect of the job so much. The connections you make with people who you may not have met or interacted with otherwise. I also love education and continual learning. I get that with my team at the salon when we have advanced education together, when I'm training the team and new stylists, and when I'm traveling and teaching for Aveda.

What makes me a great stylist/colorist: I've had every hair color known to man. I am a professional and a perfectionist. I don't settle, and I'm always looking for ways to make your hair and experience better.

Best professional moment: Becoming an Aveda hair color Purefessional had been my dream since nearly my first days at Xiphium. Realizing that dream in 2011 was definitely one of my proudest moments.

Special training: I've taken numerous advanced cut, color and styling classes with Aveda. And I get updates seasonally with Aveda in Minneapolis keeping me up to date on the season’s trends

Professional goal: To continue to grow my knowledge helping me not only as an educator but also as a stylist behind the chair. I want my guests to know I will be able to help them change and grow through their hairstyles as they do through their lives

What I want every client to know about me: I didn't choose to be a hairstylist, it chose me. My life as a teenager revolved around my hair color and what it could be next. I bring that passion and excitement to my work to find the perfect look for them.

Other hobbies and talents: I love music, especially going to live concerts. I love to cook and getting ingredients for it at my local farmers market. I love reading about fashion, health, science, nature, sustainability...basically learning anything!

Where has my work been seen? Kansas City Fashion Week, local fashion shows, media publications, the walls of Xiphium.

What is your specialty? hair color, blondes, bobs

Name a skill you have that you don’t use enough. Juggling :)

Have you ever styled/participated in any Fashion Shows? Kansas City Fashion Week 2013, West 18th Street Fashion Show summer 2013

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by? "Start each day with a grateful heart". It's easy to get caught up in busy lives, to-do lists and climbing the ladder but stopping and taking time to be grateful for an amazing workplace and coworkers, great career and great clients who I can share my passion with reminds me that I have everything I need already :)

Who is your dream client? Why? Jennifer Anniston because I need to see what all the fuss is about up close and personal! And anyone who is open to new ideas and change.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter? Why? I don't use twitter, but I love Instagram. I'm a very visual person so I love the pictures. I'm choosing two, Bryan Boy who is a fashion blogger who travels the world and Tunameltsmyheart which is a "so ugly he's cute" dog who brings joy to my heart every day!

Describe the worst hair phase you’ve been through. When I thought black hair looked good on me, like three different times.

Who is your professional role model? Whose career would you like yours to emulate? Lisa Vann, she's a wildly successful stylist who seems to have time to run a salon that she still works behind the chair at, do editorial work, develop products, travel and educate, and have a family. All while being the nicest person you know.

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