Andra Mick
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Andra Mick


When did you start with Xiphium? February 2017

Education: Eric Fisher Academy 2011-2012, Color Apprenticeship at Trio Salon in Chicago under Former Vidal Sassoon Color Director "CoCo" Anne Coconate

Previous job(s): Educator at Eric Fisher Academy; Business Trainer for Prosper U (business curriculum created by Eric Fisher)

Hometown/ Places lived: Hometown: Plainville, KS Lived in Wichita, KS and Chicago, IL

My favorite thing about my work: When guests leave feeling valued, stress-free, and beautiful!! There is no better feeling than having one of these comments come from a guest.

Best professional moment: Having students reach out to me after graduating to let me know that they learned something from me or that my guidance helped them professionally or personally. What a privilege!!

Special training: I have taken numerous cutting classes including classes with Oscar Bond, Eric Fisher, and Alex Ioannou as well as advanced color classes with Brooke Evans.

Professional goal: Be a student. Be an educator. Be whatever my client needs me to be.

Other hobbies and talents: Annoying my neighbors with my piano playing! :) I also love spending my time off cooking or being outside!

Where has my work been seen? Prosper U: Style with Knowledge styling videos and book

What is your specialty? Blow dry/styling...creating soft, pretty hair that moves and looks like you just woke up looking great (Yes, you do have to do some styling to your hair to make it look that way. I will show you how!!).

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by? Free your heart from hatred. Free your mind from worry. Live simply. Give more. Expect less.

Who is your dream client? Why? Someone who has never had color before because it is a blank canvas and an opportunity to be guided to the right color from the beginning. Also, somone who likes a lived-in, but well manicured style.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Instagram? Why? I follow a lot of florists and fashion designers. We all play with shape, color, and texture to create! I love it!

Describe the worst hair phase you’ve been through. I grew my hair out from a pixie. I had a mullet for about 6 months. I am not cool enough for a mullet!!

Who is your professional role model? Whose career would you like yours to emulate? Eric Fisher - He has 3 salons, is a platform artist, a school owner, a business curriculum developer, and still manages to spend all of his time and energy giving to other people.

If you could choose another career, what would it be? Florist for sure!! It is basically doing what I do now. Still making people happy, but getting to appreciate how incredible Mother Nature is!

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Moved to Chicago without knowing anyone, knowing the city, or having transportation figured out! 

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