Ammy Dang
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Ammy Dang


When did you start with Xiphium? July 2017

Education: Eric Fish Academy 

Previous job(s): Aveda Salon in Wichita

Awards won: Aveda Best Hair and Makeup 2016

Hometown/ Places lived: Wichita, KS

Why I decided to become a stylist/colorist: I want to make people feel beautiful by enhancing their natural beauty.

My favorite thing about my work: I love that I get to be creative and meet people while touching their lives in a meaningful way.

What makes me a great stylist/colorist: I am a people pleaser! I always want to make my clients happy. I listent to the challenges they are having and try to fix them with my color and cut.

Best professional moment: Having my clients trust me and and having them know the reason I am doing things in a certan way. After that, they let me do whatever I like!

Special training: I've taken numerous advanced cut, color and styling classes with Aveda. 

Professional goal: To eventually teach for Aveda and travel while doing so.

What I want every client to know about me: I am passionate about what I do. I love every part of this career!!

Other hobbies and talents: Is being a mom a talent? :)

What is your specialty? I love balayage. There are so many different ways and looks that can be achieved with hand painting techniques.

Have you ever styled/participated in any Fashion Shows? While attending school at Eric Fisher and then in Wichita I participated in Aveda's Catwalk for Water two years in a row. My team won for best hair and makeup one year.

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by? "I believe that beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out".

Who is your dream client? Why? Any guest who is fun and would challenge me to do things outside of my box. Creative color!

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter? Why? Guy Tang because he is a hair god. He does beautiful work and is not afraid to make mistakes on camera.

Describe the worst hair phase you’ve been through. Before I started hair school, I would color my hair all different colors. I went copper once and it was horrible!!

Who is your professional role model? Whose career would you like yours to emulate? I feel like Eric Fisher's career is incredible. If I am lucky to have a piece of that and also be a traveling educator that would be amazing.

If you could choose another career, what would it be? I can't see myself doing anything else but this. It makes me so happy.

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, almond cookies, macadamia nut cookies....bascially any type of cookie! :)


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